Personal Bio

My full name is Donald Boyd Smith II and I’m 21 years old, but for some odd reason this name gets shortened, or even some times elongated, by nicknames such as Don, Donny, Donny Boy, and/or Donaldo. It doesn’t bother me to have a nickname. In all honesty I think it’s nice. I’m just curious as to why none of my friends get nicknames. Also, I am a public relations senior at the University of North Texas. Anyway, as we move along with the basics I’m the youngest and the only boy out of my mother’s five children. Some people find it weird that I’m the youngest until I tell them that my oldest sister is thirty-six or thirty-seven, one of the two.

When it comes to hobbies I don’t have many. The three things that I do on a daily basis are play a variety of games on my PS4; watch a plethora of anime on my computer and PS4; last but not least I listen to what seems like a jukebox. Yeah, my life isn’t exciting, but it doesn’t mean I’m not ready. Oh, also I like to write a couple of 16s every now and then.

As for career goals i am looking to pursue a career in community relations or crisis communication. Position wise I am not too sure whether or not I want to be a top executive. Instead, I want to be a lateral encompassing asset. Meaning I want people from all aspects of the company coming to me for information. I want to be value added.